Saturday, February 19, 2011

Praise for Sisters!

Sisters Are From Heaven" is a heartwarming story about the love between sisters. Not excluding moments of difficulty, pain or upset, the pathways of a relationship between two sisters are described in text and represented in colorful photographs of two real sisters in daily familiar situations and settings involving work and play activities. Co-created by two talented sisters, with photographs of their daughters, "Sisters Are From Heaven " seems designed to appeal to young, preschool age children, to help them pursue the best in their lives together. Emphasizing the God given gift of family and siblings, "Sisters Are From Heaven" is bound to please, attract and gently enlighten. Parents and siblings will welcome it and make it a favorite.
-- Midwest Book Review

“This is a sweet treasure that pays homage to sisterhood...
To sisters are a gift from heaven.”
-- Mary Rand Hess, Children’s and Young
Adult Writer

“Tamika has done an exquisite job of turning everyday moments
into lifetime treasures that anyone can enjoy.
Onjeinika’s simple yet elegant writing style delights
me and my young children and has provided
countless hours of enjoyment.

“Sisters Are From Heaven” shows what can happen
when we wisely invest our time and talents
to the glory of our Creator. A timeless representation of
sisterly respect and affection.”
-- Donna Maria Coles Johnson, Founder and CEO, Indie Business
Media, LLC and host of the Indie Business Radio Show

“Love shared between sisters transcends the familial
connection and ultimately serves as a model for other relationships.”
-- Brooke Kenny, Staff Writer, The Gazette

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Sunday Siesta

When we were growing up we couldn't play secular music, card games, watch TV or do much of anything on Sundays. Sundays were sacred and my grandmother wouldn't allow such activities. We'd all go to church together, come home, have an elaborate meal and dessert then, like clockwork, take a nap. Seemed as if everyone in the house would pass out simultaneously. It was the most wonderful peace and quiet I've ever know. We'd wake up an hour or two later and read the newspaper or do something quietly before having dinner. It was a blissful time that served my mind and body with some much needed rest. We kept that tradition until I left for college.

Now with a family of my own, Sundays are different. We still go to church, but there's no break from work and definitely no quiet time. So yesterday I announced to my household that I am hereby reinstating the Sunday afternoon nap. It is after all, one of the very reasons why Sunday is my favorite day of the week. That and the, no work shall ye do, command written in the bible. Love that. So next week instead of starting a load of laundry, vacuuming, organizing or doing anything I'm going to curl up on my bed with the softest of blankets and take a nap. Whenever, I wake up the world will still be waiting and I will feel a little more prepared.