Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flower Power - How to ensure your flowers survive frost or snow

After a few weeks of mild-high temperatures I was completely baffled to hear that we will get light snow in the DC metro area this weekend.  The beautiful red tulips my husband planted last year and the lavender Chrysanthemums are already blooming.  Not to mention he planted two more rose bushes after he thought the one I pruned last year did not survive.  Luckily it did.  He noticed it sprouting the other day.  About two weeks ago we planted strawberries and grapes in the backyard, as well.  All that planting, tending, watering and fertilizing adds up, so naturally we wanted our flowers to survive this cold snap.  I went with the quickest method of covering the rose bushes with mulch and a small tee-pee of plastic secured to the Earth by rocks.  I covered the strawberries and grapes with a layer of plastic tarp. The tulips and chrysanthemums will survive on their own.

If you are seeking ways to protect your flowers, take a look at this link for tips.  I'll be sure to report back in in a few weeks to let you know how the plants are doing.

Stay warm yall & as always continued blessings,

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Thank you all for your very delicious entries into the CSN giftcode giveaway.  All the meals were great and we could hardly stand to read them because they sounded so tasty. You all kept it healthy and that was a plus. Be sure to try some of the new or different ideas that were posted with this contest. Well, there could only be one winner this time, so without further ado...Domestic Diva you own it!  Please check your inbox for a special message from Polly&Meek.  Thanks again for visiting our blog. Keep reading and check in soon for upcoming projects!



Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Wedding/Anniversary 2011 Calendar

Perfect for the new bride and groom, newlyweds or couples celebrating their anniversary!  Laminated 5 x 7 magnetic calendar. $3 plus S&H..

Friday, March 18, 2011

Tools of the Trade - $25 CSN Stores Gift Giveaway!

Cheap and battered pots were ruining our meals. So I decided to fight fire with fire by replacing my cookware. At my house, meal time is crunch time and I can do without suppertime sabotage. If you're also in the market for kitchen aids, then sites like Le Creuset have just what you need. Plus you could win a $25 gift code!

I recently upgraded two of my skillets and now the whole family is reaping the benefits. The pans are so sleek and beautiful, I make an extra effort to cook healthier meals each time I use them. Even the kids are excited. They love being able to help stir food in those shiny new things. (They also tend to eat a lot more when they help cook!) In addition to the scrumptious food, it takes less time to clean up after dinner because the new pans don't normally have to soak overnight. Now that's a product worth it's salt! And here's a tip-- preserve those non stick surfaces by using wooden or plastic spoons and stirrers. Umm, I can taste the yummy stir-fry already!

How to win:

If you're ready to cook it up in style then describe a mouth watering dish of your own and you could win a $25 gift code redeemable at any CSN online store! Post your dish here as a comment to this blog or on our Polly&Meek Facebook page. All entries must be posted by 6pm on Sunday, March 20, 2011. The most delectable dish wins. No desserts please. We'll read the entries and announce the winner on our blog on Wednesday, March 23, 2011. Please note that CSN only ships to the US and Canada, and that there may be international shipping taxes to Canada that the gift code cannot cover.



Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Season for Sacrifice

I am observing Lent again this year and began my quest on Ash Wednesday to take this special time of year to recommit to keeping my temple clean and drawing even nearer to God.  I am happy and excited about this period of self-sacrifice and am pleased that my husband has joined me this year.

I had attempted to 'give up' something in years past...maybe in my mid twenties, but always seemed to fail at the task.  Most times it was chocolate or something along those lines and every time I failed.  Back then, it was me giving up something just to give it up and had nothing to do with the true reason for Lent.  I did not fast and pray or ask God to guide me.  Now that I am in my mid thirties, I am happy to say that something has happened in my life, sort of like a switch going off or a turning point.  Whatever happened I am a much more spiritual person, one who knows without a doubt where my help and strength come from and one striving everyday to be more and more like Christ. This is the reason that I am committed to observing Lent and committed to staying the course.  Jesus made the supreme sacrifice for me by dying on the cross and before that he wandered in the wilderness for 40 days without food.  He was tempted by Satan at every turn, but he held fast and relied on the Scripture to keep him near to God.  This is what I do when temptations arise.  I hold fast to God and instead of reaching for a steak or chicken breast (smile), I reach for the word.  It fills me up and keeps me whole.  It motivates me to trust in God and continue to watch and pray.  It gives me great peace.

My husband joined to support me this year, as I joined last year to support my sister.  I pray that each one of us observing the season can motivate others to do the same.  This is what God loves and we will be blessed beyond reason during this season and always.

Continued Blessings,


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Parent's Helper: Products To Promote Early Literarcy and Learning

When our oldest child was one we bought her a Little Touch LeapPad by Leapfrog. The electronic and interactive story reader introduced all the fundamentals of reading, along with music and math basics. That was six years ago. Now two children and several products later, Leapfrog totally rules our home. Their educational products are the best at keeping children engaged, whether they're preschoolers or in grade school. Our kids' favorite learning tool is the Tag Reading System. I purchased this product in 2009 as Leapfrog phased out a few of their earlier systems, including our beloved Little Touch.

The Tag comes in two versions Tag Jr. for children ages 2 to 4 and Tag for ages 4 to 8. This product is great because children can do self guided learning as well as work with a parent's help. However to reap the benefits of this niffy gadget, a PC and internet connection are required. That's because the audio file for the each Tag storybook must be downloaded before the child can enjoy it. Access to a home computer makes this quick and easy to do.

The Tag's premise is an electronic pen which serves as the reader and a book that responds to a touch of the pen. So when the child touches the pen to the book pages, it will read the story aloud, read one word at a time, test reading comprehension, play fun story-based games and more. To find out exactly what your child is learning you must plug the item into your computer and log on the Leapfrog site. There you can see your child's personal learning path, collect rewards and check out even more awesome learning toys and accessories. I give the Tag reader 5 out of 5.

Questions or comments on my children's experience with this product are welcome.



Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March!

Spring is right around the corner and I cannot wait to get out and enjoy great outdoors. There is so much to see and do and I will be one of the first to hit the pavement with my little one and see what Mother Nature's been up to this winter.

Here are a few important highlights for March:

  • Lent season begins on Ash Wednesday March 9th.
  • Daylight Savings time begins on March 13th. We spring forward and lose an hour of sleep, but gain an hour of daylight!!!
  • First day of Spring is March 20th and this coincides with Purim.
I am excited about what this new season has to offer and cannot wait to share all my adventures with you all.

Stay tuned!!!