Thursday, December 30, 2010

Business Savvy

We witnessed it and still couldn't believe it happened. My sister, and fabulous business partner, showed all attending Christmas dinner at her family's home what a savvy business lady can do.

She prepared a delicious meal and as we were all patting our full bellies, she commented that she'd better run upstairs to get an item that someone was in route to purchase from her. I perked up. "Surely, you're kidding," I said. "It's Christmas day. Who would come by today? And I think I'm more shocked that you are actually selling stuff on Christmas." She was nonchanlant about the whole transaction which took exactly one minute as she ran down the front steps wearing only socks, no shoes, to deliver the package.

When she returned, grinning with money in hand, my mouth fell open. "Well, I set the whole thing up earlier," she said, waving the greenbacks around in the air. What she had sold was old and used, but the customer wanted it because it fit their need. Point. Set. Match.

Thanks, Meek for reminding us all to be business savvy. I'm taking this attitude straight into the New Year.

God bless you all,


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Decorations

This year I am utterly and completely reved up for the Season. I decorated the tree my hubbie bought for us and pulled out all my Christmas lights, swags, garlands and bows to decorate the interior and exterior of the house. My husband and step son hung the lights outside and I wrapped the garland and placed the bows inside. I decided I wanted wreaths for the outside windows, but my neighbor did that, so I decided to do window swags.

I tore into one of my FAVORITE places to shop year round, but a definite plus during the holiday season...Michael's and purchased materials to make my very own swags because even though I want to go all out with decor, I gotta stick to my budget. Luckily Michael's is already in full swing with their christmas sale. Everything is discounted up to 70%. I walked out with everything I needed and made some beautiful swags for my windows. I purchased LED candles to stick in the window and tonight, I got to witness the beauty of it all.

Am I wrapped up in the commercialized reason for the season? Nope! I am going all out and decorating my home because it is Jesus' birthday and I want to honor him in everyway. From praising His holy name while whispering the story of his birth to my little one, to giving small tokens to my family and friends to remind us of how the wise men brought gifts to Jesus from afar. Its all done to the glory of God for He is the true reason for the season.

Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Prosperous New Year.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Angels in Training

When I hear that bell ringing as I approach retail stores, I know it's Christmas time. And the bell? Well, the bell tolls for me. It is a joyous little reminder that I'm blessed enough to bless others. I give to charities throughout the year, but at Christmas I dig deeper. Food, heating and clothing maybe harder to come by for those in need. I take an angel off the tree, participate in toys for tots, or contribute to holiday baskets. It's any means necessary to share the magic of the season and the love of Jesus Christ.

This year my children and I chose a day to go out and pick from an Angel Tree in a local store. I encouraged the kids to have a good time shopping for children who didn't have much. So they did! To my amazement, they stayed on task and only strayed one time to ask for a box of candy canes. Even though the total lesson may have gone over their heads, I pray they'll learn to be angels throughout life. An early push in the right direction won't hurt.

Visit The Salvation Army's website to explore online options for giving. Come on and be an angel in training!

Merry Christmas,