Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giving Thanks

This Thursday, my family celebrated the Thanksgiving Holiday sitting around the dinner table at my Aunt's home. She had graciously prepared all of our favorite dishes and had everything waiting for us in a glorious spread when we arrived to her house. After a wonderful prayer by my uncle and her husband, Pastor Davis, we dug in relentlessly stuffing our tummies full, waists expanding and pants buttons popping off. We ate ham, citrus seasoned turkey, potatoe salad, collard greens, rolls, rice homemade pound cake, red velvet cake and lemon meringue pie. Man, we ate well!

After that, we spent some time with the elders, listening to stories of old...the ones I love to hear my Great-Aunt tell. They are her specialty and some of best time I've spent with her. My grandmother sat by listening attentively at times, dosing off at others and adding her own thoughts from time to time.

My husband, step-son, daughter and I traveled to see his family and spent the day talking, watching TV, shopping and yes EATING!

It was a wonderful 4 days and we have so much to be thankful for...from good health, sound body and mind, living to see another day, and spending another Thanksgiving with family to traveling mercies, sound finances, jobs, transportation and good food to eat.

We thank God for all His abundant blessings and lovingkindness.

Continued Blessings,


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Reason for the Season

The holiday season is upon us and the retail industry is bearing down with all it's might. Shopping is all we hear about this time of year. Deals, sales and helping the economy. But wait a minute! What about being thankful for what we already have? What about celebrating Jesus? The media and retail industry isn't helping us with that. So we've got to help ourselves.

It can be a challenge, especially, to teach children the true meaning of Christmas. First we have to know what it means to us. In our heart of hearts, why do we really celebrate? Once the answer is clear, God, his blessings and Jesus Christ will stand out before anything else. So if you are all about spreading holiday cheer and uplifting Christ, then here are three books to help further that message. Enjoy!

1. The Reason for the Season by Chantal Ellen - talks about the true story of Christmas and why we celebrate the way we do.

2. The Story of Christmas by Patricia Pingry - this book was reprinted in 2010 and contains multicultural images. I found it at Target. It also talks about Jesus and why we give to one another.

3.The Bible -Luke 2:8-11, 13-14; Matthew 2: 1-11 - this is the most beautiful story in history.