Thursday, July 22, 2010

Words of Wisdom

I looked around my house with a bit of disgust and sighed. "I did not do any cleaning this weekend" I said aloud, " I was too busy doing other stuff and my house is a mess!"
"Well", a small voice replied, "it is good to take a break sometimes".

I immediately smiled and thought, such great words of wisdom and hugged my source. These very simple yet profound words came from my bonus baby (my step-daughter) who is all of 9 years old. Surely, if this little one understood that we needed to take a break from time to time, I should. With that little piece of information I sat down and put my feet up while her little sister slept.
The past two weeks have been full of messy dinner tables, loads of laundry and floors that need to be mopped. Why? My DSD (Dear Step-daughter) is here for her summer visit and the family is all together again. We have too much fun stuff to do for me to worry about what the house looks like. I am too busy making sure my family is fed and we have times to make the smores on the fire pit, bake sugar cookies and banana bread and oh of course for me to make homemade sushi. On top of that we have to get in our long walks together and catch a movie at the theater as well. Its been non-stop and tons of fun as usual.

My DSD is such a great help with her sister too. She loves this little one to bits. She gets up in the morning when she hears her sister's voice and tends her whilst I take my shower and get ready for work. She takes her to the floor for floor time and play all types of games. She rocks her in the glider at night and even once put her sound asleep. She is dedicated to her sister, tending delicately to her every whim and desire. Just another reminder that sisters are from heaven. Indeed!

Her summer is just beginning and tomorrow she is going to Virginia Beach for some fun in the sun, then back home for camp. Once school starts she will have tons of stories to tell. I have stories to tell as well. All about a truly fantastic summer with my bonus baby, who helps me in more ways than one with small words of wisdom, a helping hand for her little sister and tons of stories to shock and wow me on a daily basis.

No sir, I do not have time for cleaning the house. I am too in love with my family and looking forward to more experiences to come.

Continued Blessings,


Saturday, July 10, 2010

I look to the hills from whence cometh my help. All my help comes from the Lord.

When man fails me, God is there. I often times forget who I should be leaning and depending on in my times of need. When I need a break from mommy duties and house duties, when I am running late for an important meeting...sometimes I lash out at those around me. If only my husband were not so selfish and helped me more, if only my co-worker would drive a bit faster so we could make the meeting in time. When my frustration level is just about to reach its zenith I remember to call on my Father. It is He who is my help and my strength and Him who will enable me to rise to any challenge that comes my way.

I take great comfort in knowing this. It gives me peace and a sense of calm that I cannot explain. When I realize the error of my thoughts, I smile when I realize it is my Father who art in heaven who is my help. Not man.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Top 10 Cheap Summer Getaways

Ah yes. Summer is a great time to take a vacation. If you're looking to save some green, try a local or domestic vacation this year. I'm willing to bet you still come home refreshed. Here's my top 10 list for low price domestic getaways:

1. Florida - there's always a great supply of cheap tickets to these sandy shores. Consider Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Cocoa Beach, Pensocola, South Beach, the Keys... I could go on and on.

2. Annapolis, MD - simply beautiful. Hunker down in a Bed & Breakfast for the weekend and then take time to visit the local theatre and shops. There's even a beach nearby.

3. Napa Valley, CA - get your wine and dine on while relaxing in Cali. There are nice packages that include flight, hotel and car. Check it out.

4. Nice Hotel, YourTown - That's right. Book a few nights stay at the nicest local hotel you can afford. Indulge in spa services if you've got the extra cash.

5. New York City - If it's within driving distance then go for it. If not take the train before flying. There's plenty to see here. Book a room at a hostel to save some dough.

6. Carlsbad, NM - Visit the caverns and be amazed.

7. Chicago, IL - I've heard about the great food at street fairs and all the sights and sounds. Check out Navy Pier while you're in town.

8. Denver, CO - Hike into the Rocky Mountains or take in the city's scenic backdrop. Sure to please.

9. Lake Tahoe - really nice couples' retreat. All sorts of activities under one lovely umbrella.

10. Washington, D.C. - The mall and museums of this great city are so underrated. Get a hotel in the suburbs and commute into the city to save $. You'll wax patriotic in no time!