Sunday, March 29, 2009

Does Slow and Steady Always Win the Race?

Are you a planner, a fly-by the seat of your pants type, or a multitasker? I thought I was a multitasker --- every since resume writing class 101. I don't even know when I began calling myself that. The funnier thing is I actually thought I was becoming a great multitasker since being a mother requires that you master this skill early on. Ever tried nursing a newborn and copping a few Z's? What about making yourself some lunch while rocking a baby bouncer? Ooo, and my worse; chatting on the phone while managing the kids. Some of these jobs are easy and some are very hard. In all my trials with attempting to balance more than one thing at a time, I never stopped to think about why it was so difficult. Then a couple of days ago the answer arrived in my inbox.

Read it for yourself. There's no such thing as multitasking, the article declares. Huh? Or is it, Ahhh? I'm not sure of my response. I mean I have kind-a-sorta prided myself on learning the tricks of the motherhood trade by doing a heap of things at once. Now I'm told that my brain doesn't want me to be doing that? (Hello! I'm running two businesses here, people. You're a little late with your research!) So I thought about it. Doesn't seem to be any way I can go slow and steady and win this race. I mean not cold turkey. For example, while I've been typing I've planned out my dinner menu for the rest of the week and thought up a new post for my other blog. No such thing as multitasking, eh? Good to know I'm not the only one guilty of this. How many tasks can you juggle at once?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do We Have Your Support?

I have to ask the question, though I have pondered long over asking it. Do we have the support of our friends, families and communities as a small, women-owned business striving to share positive products and messages with the world?

My sister and I started this journey with the few pennies we had knowing that it would not be an easy road but it was a road that we were happy to travel together. I confess that the road has been harder to travel than I had expected. We’ve fought tooth over nail and demand only the very best for our customers. We’ve attended day long expos and bazaars in an attempt to spread our message to the masses. We’ve toiled and prayed for the success of our book in hopes that it will uplift and empower families to teach their young children that love is key and that we must cherish one another even when the going gets tough.

Has it all been in vain?

Well I don’t think so. As we brainstorm on how to attract new customers, we are painfully aware of the need for additional funds to create and publish our next book. But the heart of our business and most important aspect to us, is sharing God’s positive ministry with everyone. We believe our product does just that and if you have not had a chance to enjoy this wonderful story with your children, siblings, families or friends --- then prepare to be blessed!

Sisters Are From Heaven simply must be a part of your children’s book collection. So Onjeinika and I are giving away 3 hardcover proofs of our book. All you need to do is be one of the first three to email us your contact information and join our mailing list and we’ll send the book to you. It is just that simple. Our only request is that you share the story with everyone you know. Read it to your children, share it with your daycare providers, Youth Ministries at church, camps, friends, families and associates…share it with the world!
In addition, please let us know what we can do to better serve you. Our ears are wide open to suggestions and we are ready to assist. Because isn’t that what God wants us to do…to help and support one another in any way that we can? It’s a two way exchange and we are more than happy to be on the giving end.

Many Blessings,

Meek (Polly & Meek)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tiny Miracles

It was warm for winter so playing outside was A MUST. I was a little chilly but the kids didn't care. The colors excited them. As one child put it, "The sky is sooo blue!"
"The sun came to visit with us," they said. And "ahhh --- fresh air." I couldn't believe all that they were noticing, which seemed like normal scenery to most. "Where does the wind come from?" asked the five-year-old. At the end of our playground fun they fought to pick up leaves and sticks to take home as treasures.

I took them to McDonald's for lunch. And although my kids can act up, yesterday they were simply loving life. "Thank you for taking us to McDonald's," said one. "Yes, thank you", the other two chimed in. "It was fun." Yet all we did was eat fries and cheeseburgers. It wasn't our first time. I didn't even buy apple pies or happy-meals. (Cause I'm cheap!) Still they were enjoying their outing ---just because. They had played, they had eaten and they were going home for a nap. Sometimes tiny miracles are enough.

Little children are beholders of everything and they capture it with all their senses. It can be as mundane as a sunny day, or as elaborate as Christmas or a birthday. A child will absorb it and equate it to a joy adults rarely show. Their approach reminds to ask for no more and no less than God's will and to give praises for all he provides.